GIGI pro certified general intelligence test

The g-loaded general intelligence test, or GIGI, is a culture-free progressive matrices IQ test designed as a nonverbal measure of general intelligence (abbreviated g).

GIGI Pro Certified is a 30-minute test that measures general intellectual ability with a high IQ ceiling, allowing for scores in the uppermost extreme ranges.

Individual test items are carefully selected from a large pool to reduce question fatigue and allow for multiple sessions with minimal repetition. GIGI Pro Certified also archives your scores and tracks your results over time for permanent review.



In each test item you are asked to identify the missing segment required to complete a larger pattern. Questions become increasingly difficult, requiring ever greater cognitive ability to solve correctly.



Most professional IQ tests are not equipped to assess at the uppermost extreme ranges, with few being able to exceed scores above 150-155.

test_score Through its unique scoring algorithm and challenging test items, Pro Certified has been able to address these limitations and allow for measurements as high as 172, a score occurring only in one out of every 1.2 million adults.


Each completed test session includes a high-resolution PDF certificate with watermarked security features over the name and test score.

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