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gigi pro certified IQ test

Highly advanced and simple to use, GIGI Pro Certified is a proven culture free progressive matrices IQ test, capable of assessing intelligence into the extreme top ranges.

Find out if your IQ score qualifies for membership of the International High IQ Society. Our pro edition tracks and archives your IQ scores over time for permanent review.

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IQ-test.com aims to be the number one central point on the web to take certified IQ tests, free iq tests and practice for IQ test assessment. If you like taking intelligence tests, practice IQ quizzes or want to know if you might qualify for membership of high iq societies, you are at the right place.

We try to avoid cultural and language biases in our IQ tests to make fair and sound assessments across countries and continents. Verbal measurements of intelligence tend to favor native speakers strongly. Therefore our IQ tests generally focus on abstract logical reasoning only. Take our free demo IQ test online right now and dare your friends to outscore you.